Our shopping cart solutions are an excellent and easy way to have and manage your own online store. We can custom build to suit your every need no matter how big or small. As part of our shopping cart solutions we supply a secure admin area where you can easily manage all aspects of the products on your website.
If you would like to manage the content in certain parts of your website then a content management system is for you. From inside a secure password protected admin area of your website you will be able to update certain content such as news, events, actual website content etc whenever you choose.
Online payment systems are an excellent way to take payments for products, services, booking etc through your website. All sensitive information is transmitted over a secure industry standard connection from your website to your bank where the transaction is either accepted or declined in real-time.
An intranet can be an excellent solution for your company to inform your employees about the latest goings on in and what is coming up in your company like latest news and events coming up. An intranet can be a central place for your employees to source company forms like holiday request form etc.

Web Development in Ireland

With constant improvements in programming technology, professional web development services are fast becoming the preferred option for many companies. There are several different ways that a website can be developed, and although some methods may be unsuitable for a particular project, all are aimed at increasing a website’s functionality.

The management of these dynamic websites can sometimes be perceived as difficult and time consuming, especially when compared to their static counterparts. When properly developed, however, they are easier to manage than most people think i.e. you won’t need a computer specialist to maintain your website.

At Complete Web Solutions, we recognise that you need to have this element of control over your own web presence. In line with this philosophy, any developments made or recommended by us will always be for the benefit of your business, not ours.

Listed below are brief descriptions of the web development services we provide.

Database Driven Websites

These are websites that contain stored data i.e. available flights, stock lists etc. When the user requests certain information, it will be retrieved and displayed to them dependant on the specific criteria they have entered into a search. The data can be administered by you from a secure, password protected administration area.

Content Management Systems

Websites with content management systems make it possible to manage the content of certain or all pages from a secure administration area. This gives you the freedom to change your website's content as you see fit, without having to contact your web design company.

Online Shop and Shopping Cart Facilities

Online shop and shopping cart facilities provide the owner with a secure system to add, edit and delete products from an online shop which is fully integrated into the main website. Customers have the option to add products to a shopping cart, checkout and finally make their purchase; all services secure within the confines of a fully automated system.

Online Payments Systems

Online payment systems usually work in conjunction with online shops, but do not always have to do so. They can be used to take annual membership fees for clubs and associations etc., and are very useful for receiving credit card payments. Transactions can be processed online and received funds can be lodged straight into a bank or online merchant account.