This part of search engine optimisation is highly important as it is one of the leading factors in the search engines reasoning for which sites appear high in the search results. Link building needs to be finely balanced as too many links too soon or links from certain websites can get you blacklisted.
Keywords are certain words or phrases that people search for in order to find the services/websites they are looking for. These keywords need to be strategically placed throughout your website to achieve maximum placement in the search engines but over doing it on keywords can also get you blacklisted.
If you would be unsure about writing for the web or simply just would not have the time we can supply the services of our copywriters. This service has some great advantages like having expertly written content for the web that will not only read well but will also help achieve placement in the search results.
Have you ever done a search relative to your industry and seen your competitors' websites at the top but your website nowhere to be seen? The basics behind competitor analysis are simple, we analyse the strategies behind their success to show you the direction you need to go in to follow their success.

Search Engine Optimisation (Optimization)

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Search engine Optimisation (SEO) is a collective term used to describe several different ways of improving a website's rank in search engine listings.

Keyword research and density, website structure and file name placements, as well as inbound links and the use of flash, all play a part in this very delicate process. Excessive SEO work can have a detrimental effect on your website, leading to penalisation or removal from search engine listings, while too little can see you fall short of an expected target.

Google, Yahoo and MSN all have different guidelines and criteria for reaching the top of their search results. This means that a finely balanced, tailored approach will allow an individual website to stand out from the crowd and be seen. With SEO, you can accomplish this.

How Important is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search engines currently index in excess of 3 billion websites so, as you can imagine, there is a lot of competition out there. If your website is fully optimized you gain a distinct advantage over those that are poorly coded.

Not all websites require SEO work; take a well known band for example. They have an established fan base and have no need to appear at the top of a search listing. People will look for them, not the other way round. If, however, you want to use the internet as a tool to increase your business potential, search engine Optimisation is a must.

How long does it take to come into effect?

There is no exact time scale. It can take anywhere from 2 weeks right up to 6 months, all depending on how often a search engine visits and re-indexes your website. It is, however, an industry standard in online business and is a strategy employed by the most successful websites.