Our Portfolio

Lotusworks (formerly Lotus Automation) are a multinational engineering company based in Sligo. They also have offices in America, England, and China.

The range of services they offer include engineering, commissioning, calibration, automation, procurement, construction, asset management and CE marking.
What they needed
Lotusworks came to us looking for a complete redesign to coincide with their new company branding and restructuring. They had a strict set of brand guidelines that needed to be followed.

The website Lotusworks had when contacting us was not structured as good as it could have been leaving users searching hard for the services that they offered. They were unsure of the correct solution to address this problem but knew it had to be resolved.

They also wanted to gain higher placement in the search engines therefore the new site had to be very search engine friendly.
What we did
We came up with a fresh new design concept that stayed inside their strict branding guidelines. We also kept certain requested elements of their original design.

The website content and services were completely restructured. Instead of previously having to go looking for their services, we rearranged the navigation system having their services in the users view on each page. All other pages in the site were made easily accessible no matter where the user would be on the website.

In order to give their website the required boost in the search engines we used all the latest XHTML code to ensure maximum indexing by the search engines. We did also extensive keyword research which also had a big input on the website restructure.