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Jamboree 2008
Jamboree 2008
'Jamboree 2008' was an 8 day international scouting event that took place in Punchestown in County Kildare. The Jamboree team had a wide range of exciting activities and events organised to take place during what was be an action-packed week, involving approximately 14,000 participants.
What they needed
The organisers, Scouting Ireland, needed a website that would match the scale and excitement of the Jamboree itself. It had to be capable of recording details pertaining to each participant (approx. 14,000), and allow for changes to be made by selected administrators.

The finished project needed to be secure, include information on all aspects of the Jamboree, and act as the nerve centre for the event itself.
What we did
We worked closely with our client to ensure that the development of the project was as close as possible to their requirements. We designed an information and registration site that could cater for the anticipated high volume of traffic / usage; and provided a dedicated server to ensure reliability.

We developed an automated, fully secure payments system for the site, along with 3 separate members areas;

'Participants' (personal, medical details, payments),

'Staff' (relevant skills, child protection agreement, payments),

'Admin' (system control, staff delegation, participant delegation).

Visually, we designed the website so that it was consistent with the Scouting Ireland / Jamboree ethos, an inclusive process that required close consultation with the organisers.

We developed the home page of the website to constantly display / update the Jamboree's itinerary of events and activities, allowing viewers to find the most relevant information first.