Email marketing is an excellent means to promote new products, services etc to new and existing customers. Our design team will create your newsletter/e-zine to give it a professional look to sit well with your company's image. This means of contact has proven to be very successful and extremely cost effective.
Pay per click is very specifically targeted type of online marketing where your ads appear on search engine result pages (SERPs). The specific set of keywords or search phrases that your ads will show beside are chosen by you. This is very cost effective as you only pay each time somebody clicks on your ad.
Microsites are an excellent way to specifically target certain audience types. A well designed and optimised microsite can be an invaluable part of a successful online marketing campaign. Some of the benefits included increased inbound links to your main website and more freedom with design if tied to strict branding.
This form of online marketing has become extremely popular over the last few years and the logic behind it is actually very simple. Webmasters that own busy websites will place tracked text and banner ads from your company on their websites and they get paid per conversion or lead depending on what is pre agreed.

Internet Marketing

Our internet marketing services aim to give your business prominence on the internet, and will ensure that your website is relevant to the customers you are targeting.

To accomplish this, we research the market that you are involved in and, based on the information gained, we tailor a marketing plan and strategy specific to your company and relevant to your needs

Listed below are some of the internet marketing services / strategies we provide.

Pay per click advertising:

As the name suggests, ‘pay per click’ is a form of advertising whereby you pay for each time a viewer clicks on your internet advertisement. Structuring your pay per click campaign on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN gives you the chance to have your website found under whatever search terms you choose. This type of internet advertising can be closely controlled and is extremely cost effective when compared to other forms of media marketing.

Link popularity:

Inbound links are best described as direct links between heavily indexed websites and your own. They play a key role in a search engine's decision to place certain websites ahead of others following a particular keyword search. These inbound links are placed on carefully selected websites and directories across the internet, ensuring they will be continually indexed by the major search engines.

Writing content copy for your website:

Written copy is important to both search engines and website viewers. Search engines use content to learn about a website and index it appropriately, while visitors will view poorly written text as a reflection of the business it represents.

This is why most successful websites put structured, well worded copy to use; professionally written content shows your company in the best possible light and also serves to improve your rank in search engine listings.

In the words of the 3 major search engines, ‘Content is King’.