Email Newsletter


Reach thousands of recipients in a matter of minutes by sending an email newsletter. Almost instantly receive feedback / enquiries. When compared to traditional postal marketing, this is an extremely cost effective way of contacting potentially new and existing clients.


Are you are going to be sending more than one email newsletter? If so then having an email newsletter template is essential for you. Consistency is vital when building and maintaining a brand or product, based on this, having a consistent look for your email newsletters is a must.


Having your email newsletter sent in html format will ensure maximum deliverability. If your newsletter is in image format then the chances are it will fail the spam scoring/testing and ultimately not be delivered. In order to pass through the spam filters html emails need to contain the correct balance between images and text.


Email marketing is fast becoming one of the most used forms of marketing. The reasons for its increased popularity are cost efficiency, more and more people using the internet, environmentally friendly. To increase sales or drive traffic to your website, email marketing is a must!

Email Newsletter

Email newsletters are fast becoming an extremely popular form of marketing and sourcing new business. One of the main reasons for this is the fact you can reach the same amount of people as traditional postal marketing but at a fraction of the cost. Sending email newsletters will also cut down the time needed to manage the campaign for things like printing, mail merges etc.

Cost Efficient

The main difference between on costing in sending email newsletters to traditional is there are no printing costs or stamps to be bought! The only costs involved with sending email newsletters are the design/creation of the newsletter concept and the actual cost to send which is based on the number of recipients.

Live Reporting and Analysis

At Complete Web Solutions, we have our own email newsletter system that allows for real-time reporting. As the campaign is sending, you will be able to see up to the minute data such as how many emails have been sent at that particular moment, who has opened the newsletter and even who has clicked on the links in the newsletter! This kind of reporting is an excellent tool that allows you to follow up the exact people that have read and clicked through from your newsletter.

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Email Newsletters